The Top 10 Most Popular Online Bachelor’s Degrees

The online education landscape has witnessed significant growth, offering diverse opportunities for students to pursue degrees that align with their career goals. The following list highlights the top 10 most popular online bachelor’s degrees, shedding light on their curriculum and potential career paths.

1. Business Administration

Overview: Business Administration stands out as the most popular online degree. This program imparts principles of business and management, providing analytical, managerial, and communication skills applicable across various career fields.

Salary Potential: Business Administration graduates, on average, earn $2.6 million over their careers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

2. Criminal Justice

Overview: Criminal Justice programs encompass law, sociology, psychology, and science. Graduates can pursue careers as crime scene investigators, legal analysts, forensic scientists, and probation officers.

Salary Potential: Mid-career salary for Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree holders is $58,400, as per Payscale.

3. Psychology

Overview: A degree in Psychology opens doors to diverse fields, including Human Services, Criminal Justice, Marketing, and Business. The field is growing, with Industrial-Organizational Psychologists ranking as the fastest-growing occupation.

Salary Potential: Mid-career salary for psychologists is $60,700, and Industrial-Organizational Psychologists have a median pay of $83,580 per year.

4. Nursing

Overview: Nursing degrees prepare students for patient care, medical technology, and data management in an increasingly digital healthcare setting.

Salary Potential: Registered Nurses with a bachelor’s degree have a mid-career median salary of $65,200. Advancement to management positions can increase earnings to $78,300.

5. Education

Overview: Education degrees focus on engaging and motivating students, assessing achievement, and solving classroom problems. The demand for teachers, especially those with expertise in special education and English as a second language, is high.

Job Outlook: Elementary schools are expected to add nearly 250,000 teaching positions by 2020.

6. Engineering

Overview: Engineering degrees, known for high starting salaries, cover diverse fields such as science, math, mechanical engineering, technology, and computers.

Salary Potential: The starting salary for Engineering graduates is $98,000 per year.

7. Healthcare Administration

Overview: Healthcare Administration is a rapidly growing field overseeing medical businesses. The industry’s expansion is driven by technological advances, healthcare regulations, and an aging population.

Job Outlook: The field is projected to increase by 22%, adding 70,000 new positions by 2020.

8. Computer Science

Overview: Computer Science degrees are in high demand for various roles such as designers, developers, programmers, and product managers.

Job Outlook: Computer Science consistently ranks as one of the highest-earning degrees with low unemployment.

9. Accounting

Overview: Accounting degrees prepare students for financial analysis, auditing, and consulting services.

Certification: Professional certification, such as a CPA license, significantly enhances career prospects.

10. Human Services

Overview: Human Services degrees lead to rewarding careers in fields like Social Work, Administration, Health Education, and Criminal Justice.

Job Growth: Employment in Human Services is estimated to increase by 27% by 2030.

In the dynamic landscape of online education, these degrees offer students flexibility and accessibility, empowering them to pursue diverse career paths. Understanding the curriculum and potential earnings can guide students in choosing the most suitable online bachelor’s degree for their goals.

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