The Best Public Health Master’s Programs

Delve into the realm of public health excellence with our carefully curated ranking of the Best Public Health Master’s Programs in the U.S. This ranking serves as an invaluable resource for students seeking to make well-informed decisions about the best schools of public health and master’s programs in public health. A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a gateway to professional training, providing students with a robust education and skills necessary for careers dedicated to the well-being and protection of populations and environmental health.

About the Master’s in Public Health (MPH) Programs:

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: MPH programs are often interdisciplinary, covering a broad spectrum of topics related to health trends, prevention, and health education. These programs support social welfare and community health efforts, emphasizing a comprehensive and socially responsible approach.
  • Cultural Competency and Social Approach: Many MPH programs include cultural competency training and foster a comprehensive social approach to public health challenges. Students are encouraged to decide on their focus area within public health, shaping their choice of programs and schools accordingly.

Areas of Study within Public Health:
Students can explore various facets of public health, including but not limited to:

  • Occupational and Environmental Health Science
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • International Public Health
  • Global Public Health
  • Community Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Services Administration
  • Public Health Education
  • Health Promotion
  • Urban Public Health

Courses Offered:
Courses in MPH programs can span a wide range, encompassing subjects such as statistics, global health epidemiology, biosecurity and disaster preparedness, public health nutrition, health promotion, public health history, economics, infectious diseases, behavioral biology, global health program design, and population dynamics.

Online Options: Public health programs are available both on-campus and as fully online programs. Online MPH courses often provide the same quality of instruction as on-campus programs, offering flexibility for students.

Career Opportunities: Graduates often serve as liaisons between the scientific and medical communities and governmental entities. They find employment with health organizations, federal and private health agencies, and educational institutions. Public health professionals focus on tracking health issues in communities and advocating for effective solutions.

Dual Degrees: Many MPH programs offer dual degrees, allowing students pursuing other higher education degrees to combine their studies for enhanced efficacy.

Ranking Guidelines:
This ranking considers the academic influence of universities in the field of public health, with a specific focus on their master’s degree programs. Factors such as coursework variety and overall academic influence were taken into account. The academic influence was determined by consulting the objective ranking of Public Health schools at, which employs a proprietary method based on the influence of universities through publications and citations by faculty and alumni.

The Best Public Health Master’s Programs:

1. Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts:

  • Location: Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is globally renowned for its academic prestige and is consistently ranked among the top institutions in the world.
  • Program Excellence: Harvard’s Master’s in Public Health program is distinguished by its comprehensive curriculum, research opportunities, and renowned faculty. Students benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, covering various public health domains, and have access to cutting-edge resources and facilities.
  • Unique Features: Harvard’s program often integrates fieldwork, providing students with practical experience in addressing public health challenges. The university’s global network and collaborations contribute to a rich and diverse learning environment.

2. Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, MD:

  • Location: Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins University is a pioneer in the field of public health education and research.
  • Program Highlights: Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health offers one of the oldest and most respected MPH programs globally. With a focus on research-driven education, students engage in impactful projects addressing global health issues. The program emphasizes evidence-based practice and equips graduates to become leaders in public health.
  • Research Opportunities: Johns Hopkins is renowned for its research initiatives, allowing students to participate in groundbreaking studies and contribute to the advancement of public health knowledge.

3. University at Buffalo – Buffalo, New York:

  • Location: The University at Buffalo, part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, is located in Buffalo, New York.
  • Program Diversity: The MPH program at the University at Buffalo is known for its diversity of specializations, offering students the flexibility to tailor their education to specific public health interests. The program covers a wide range of topics, including epidemiology, community health, and health services administration.
  • Community Engagement: The university’s commitment to community engagement provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, fostering a practical and hands-on learning experience.

4. University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA:

  • Location: Situated in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League institution known for its academic excellence.
  • Program Emphasis: Penn’s Master of Public Health program places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education, preparing students for leadership roles in diverse public health settings. The program fosters collaboration between students and faculty across various disciplines, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Urban Health Focus: Given its location in Philadelphia, the program often integrates an urban health focus, addressing health disparities and challenges specific to urban environments.

5. Cornell University – Ithaca, NY:

  • Location: Nestled in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University is renowned for its commitment to research and academic excellence.
  • Program Overview: Cornell’s Master’s in Public Health program combines rigorous academic training with a focus on community engagement and service. The program offers specializations in areas such as infectious disease epidemiology, environmental health, and health equity.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Cornell’s program encourages collaboration with other departments, allowing students to draw from a diverse range of expertise in areas relevant to public health.

Prospective students considering these institutions can be confident in their choice, knowing that these universities offer top-tier Master’s in Public Health programs with unique strengths, resources, and academic environments. Each program provides a solid foundation for students aspiring to make a meaningful impact in the field of public health.

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