Mahindra Emax 20s HST Price, Specifications & Review 2023

Today Well be talking about the Emax 20s HST is the best mini sub-compact tractor in the world. Emax series that’s new and Mahindra lineup this year our customers for the Emax 20s are generally small acreage people that have moving needs but also have the need for some light loader work whether it be around the homestead the road or just the landscape duties around the house.

Mahindra Emax 20s HST Tractor

Advantages of this unit in the marketplace are we offer the largest displacement engine in the class and up to 30% more than the closest competition we have the new Mahindra in comfort seat with fold-down armrest retractable seatbelt we also offer the highest weight in class we lead the class in that at about1499 Pound for the tractor

so an important aspect when you’re talking about doing loud of work with these smaller guys this unit comes open station or cab version both version have a standard hydrostatic transmission the engine develops 19.4 HP 14.2 PTO the operating station is equipped with an ergonomic control layout with all transmission controls located to the side for easy entry and exit an integrated charging port for mobile devices is provided to standard equipment a cup holder allows you to store a drink for more comfortable operation


Emax 20s HST Review

power comes from a 3 cylinder Yanmar engine with high displacement high torque low engine speed low vibration less noise less wear and better fuel economy

this unit utilizes a category one narrow three-point hitch which can lift up to 680 Pounds at the ball joints we also utilize the term buckle style stabilizers to keep the implement from swaying side to side this allows for a wide range of implements and more productivity this unit

comes standard with an inch in valve the two range hydrostatic transmission is easy to use the two pedal control allows for simpler operation even for noise tractor drivers the 540 RPM Rear and 2500 RPM mid mount PTO or standard for high versatility a 54 inch mid-mountain or is available it offers a dial height cut adjustment for simple setting and is a drive over deck for easy attachment details.

Sub-Compact Mini Tractor Emax 20s

The Emax 20s utilize the 23L Loader which has the quick attach skid steer style release for the attachments widely known in the industry to be the fastest most efficient way to do this unit

also has two hydraulic cylinders on the bucket tilt bar says the competition like the Kubota BX 1880 which utilizes only one cylinder this allows for more durability and longevity the complete loader can be taken off this unit in 3 minutes or less very user-friendly the skid steer style attachment

allows for more productivity and ease of operation the 23B backhoe is unique in capability and versatility it has 71.5 inches of digging depth in 2050 pounds of bucket digging force can be ordered with the tractor or later after the tractor

purchase as your needs arise unlike the Kubota BX23s Series where you can only order the time of purchase as with all Mahindra subcompact tractors the Emax 20s comes with the industry leading 7 years limited power train warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Emax 20s HST Tractor Price List 2022

The Emax 20s HST Tractor Price is $11070 & With Loader $14850

Get more Information call NOW Toll Free Number: 1800 425 65 76

Mahindra emax 20s HST Tractor Specifications


Hp19.4 (14.2) @ 3000
Displacement60.6 (993)
Pto Rpm540 @ 2893


TypeOpen centerÊ
Pump Output7
Lift Capacity680


Loader ModeleMAX 23L Quick Attach
Max Lift Height75
Digging Depth3.9
Lift Capacity617
Breakout Force1235
Op Weight Total1499


TypeHST 2 Range


Industrial18x8.5-10 / 26x12-12
Turf18x8.5-10 / 26x12-12
Ag18x8.5-10 / 26x12-12

Emax 20s HST Tractor Attachments


Key Features Of Mahindra Emax 20s HST

1 – Best Largest Engine Displacement

Ling Life Working
963 Displacement Engine
19.4 HP Engine
Powerful 3 Cylinder Engine
Fuel Economy is Good
Best lift capacity are carry

2 – Comfortable Seat

comfort seat with fold-down armrest Added in tractor
retractable seatbelt are available
Easy To move 360 Degree

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