AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Price in India, Specs, Mileage | 2020

AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Price in India, Specs, Mileage | 2020

AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Truck price list in India. Check out Best Offers, Expert Review, Mileage, Loan, Installment, Specifications & Key Features and find near AMW truck dealer contact details.

AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Truck is equiped with 6-cylinder powerful engine which generates 178 BHP Max Power and 00 CC Displacement engine. Its key features are Manual Transmission, Air Brakes, and Power Steering so easy to move one place to onother place, AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Truck is easy to operate and can be used in all transport services. It has a strong robust design to withstand the rigors of commercial activities, farming activities and industrial activities. AMW 3123 Concrete Pump is 240 ltr fuel tank, 6 speed gearbox, 6BTAA engine Technology this truck, 00 mm Wheelbase with 280 mm Ground Clearance. It has 24 V Electricals power, AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Truck is one of the most profitable product of AMW Truck Series.

If you do not know about this truck of AMW, then please know about these trucks first and buy any truck later because A truck is one of the best trucks of this century, AMW 2518 TP, and AMW trucks.

AMW 3123 Concrete Pump truck Price

AMW truck price are more reasonable as we know with plenty of features.

This AMW Truck Price From ₹ 24,20,000 Lakh* rupees on road price of delhi. this price is more compatible in this range with reasonable and value for money.

Power – 178 BHP
Wheelbase – 00 mm
Fuel Tank – 240 Ltr
GVW – 31000
Engine – 00 cc
Transmission – Manual

AMW 3123 Concrete Pump price

For any query contact : 1800 209 2447

Specification Of AMW 3123 Concrete Pump

Max Power 178 BHP
Displacement 00 cc
Fuel Tank 240 Ltr
Transmission Manual
Engine Cylinders 6
Engine 6BTAA
Max Torque 675 NM
Emission Norms BS-III
Gearbox 6-Speed
Design & Build
GVW / GCW 31000 KGS
Wheelbase 00 MM
A/C Available
Steering Power Steering
Brakes Air Brakes
Seat Belts Available


It has 6-cylinder powerful engine
00 cc Engine
Generates 178 BHP Max Power
Manual Transmission
240 ltr fuel tank
00 mm Wheelbase
High Ground Clearance 280 mm
6 speed gearbox
BS-III Engine
78 (km/h) Max Speed
ABS system is Not available
Tyre Size Front Tyre: 10 X 20, Rear Tyre 10 X 20
Improved and safer stopping Air Brakes

Features of AMW 3123 Concrete Pump

1 – Powerful 178 BHP, 6BTAA Engine Technology
2 – Classy Multi Reflector Headlamps
3 – 675 Nm Max Torque Generates
4 – 1 lakhs / 3 Years Warranty
5 – Comfortable seats are driver and passenger
6 – ELR Seat belt for driver and co-driver
7 – Magazine and bottle holder
8 – Mobile charging Point are available in 3123 Concrete Pump Truck easy to use driver and passenger
9 – Air Brakes
10 – More Horse power and Torque
11 – Low Maintenance
12 – Attractive looks
13 – Best City Mini Truck
14 – Stylish grille and reflector headlamps
15 – New and attractive body graphics
16 – Premium interiors with new IP and steering
17 – Lockable Glove Box
18 – Comfortable Seats With Headrests
19 – Available in Different Colours

AMW 3123 Concrete Pump Mileage

The AMW is very known product for good economical price and cheap maintenance product over the india, AMW 3123 Concrete Pump truck mileage in highway drive NA kmpl and City area drive NA kmpl. AMW truck is keep going its mileage in every work.


There are many types of goods available in market and different size of goods at different weight. so every industries require to transport different goods. so this truck fulfill the all the requirement of industries.we can see more option like below.

Road Construction
Agriculture goods
sheet metal goods
Market Load
Fruits and Vegetables
White goods ( washing machine/ TV / AC ETC)
Parcel & Courier
Industrial goods


1 – Best in class fuel efficiency

2 – Superior uptime

3 – High rated payload

4 – Optimised maintenance cost

5 – Comfort & Low Maintenance

6 – Higher TAT

7 – Modern world-class sleeper cabin comfort

8 – Fast pick-up and acceleration

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AMW Trucks Price List in India 2020
Amw 2518 TP ₹ 24,30,000 Lakh
Amw 1618 TP ₹ 18,40,000 Lakh
Amw 2528 TP ₹ 37,05,000 Lakh
Amw 2523 TP ₹ 33,22,000 Lakh
Amw 3118 TP ₹ 31,00,000 Lakh
Amw 3116 HL ₹ 22,40,000 Lakh
Amw 2516 TM ₹ 21,70,000 Lakh
Amw 2516 HL ₹ 20,10,000 Lakh
Amw 4923 TR ₹ 27,60,000 Lakh
Amw 2518 HL ₹ 23,27,000 Lakh
Amw 3118 HL ₹ 27,70,000 Lakh
Amw 3518 TR ₹ 21,09,000 Lakh
Amw 4018 TR ₹ 20,70,000 Lakh
Amw 2518 TM ₹ 23,10,000 Lakh
Amw 3118 TM ₹ 30,50,000 Lakh
Amw 2518 Drilling Rig ₹ 26,40,000 Lakh
Amw 3123 Concrete Pump ₹ 24,20,000 Lakh
About AMW Motor

AMW Means Asia Motor Works Started in 2002 is an Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer they are made heavy duty vehicles that are used in mining, construction, petroleum, power, road and highways, infrastructure, cargo transportation and several other applications. The company made by other transporting solutions from tippers, heavy duty trucks to long haul trucks and special purpose trucks with the price range in India Market starting from INR 18.45 lakhs (ex-showroom), AMW 2518 TP, AMW 1618 TP and AMW 2523 TP tippers which have proved their mettle in the rough and tough mining operations with high performance and durability.

AMW Trucks Models

Amw 2518 TP, 1618 TP, 2528 TP, 2523 TP, 3118 TP, 3116 HL, 2516 TM, 2516 HL, 4923 TR, 2518 HL, 3118 HL, 3518 TR, 4018 TR, 2518 TM, 3118 TM, 2518 Drilling Rig, 3123 Concrete Pump.

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